Äänentoistolaitteiden vuokraus

ADB eurospot 650w halogen



The most economical solution for high quality lighting of

• Small Theatre Stages
• Drama Workshops
• School Theatres
• Community Halls
• Clubs
• Museums and Art Galleries
• Showrooms
• Display Windows
• Architecture

These very compact and light-weight spotlights are easy to operate, store and transport. A simple design as well as a rugged construction from corrosion proof aluminium extrusions and sheet steel provide excellent mechanical strength and long term reliability.
The use of high performance optics, in particular condenser lenses in the zoom profiles, ensures excellent output and beam quality.

Ease of Use
Small size and low weight make EUROSPOT very easy toinstall, handle and balance in any position. The tiltlockmechanism is simple and efficient. Focusing and zoom lens adjustment are smooth and stable. Beam shaping on profiles is made easy and precise by means of 4 heat insulated stainless steel shutters, or a size B gobo holder. Front runners allow easy insertion of a filter frame and a 4-leaf rotatable barndoor. The hinged bottom allows easy access to the lamp and lens / reflector for cleaning.

Quality of Light
EUROSPOT spotlights provide a level of light output and beam quality which is normally associated with much more expensive fixtures. This is the result of professional opticaldesign based on high quality lenses combined with anodised aluminium or silvered glass reflectors.

C51 9°-60° Prism Convex
with :
• Ø 112 mm prism convex lens
• GY 9.5 lampholder
• 1 m power supply cable (2 x 1.5 + 1.5 mm2) without plug
• 1 safety grid
• 1 metal filter frame

Dimensions (A x B x C): 310 x 220 x 260 mm
Weight : 2.7 kg