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ADB Swing 12



The SWING 12 is a two preset, twelve channel lighting desk which outputs data using the DMX512/1990 protocol. The two presets allow the creation of two output settings on two different banks of faders, Preset A and Preset B. Either or both presets may be output from the desk with the highest value of each channel taking precedence. The output level of each preset is determined by the two master faders labelled A and B. The B master fader is reversed such that both master faders may be moved together to crossfade between the presets. The overall output of the desk is controlled by the fader labelled Master. Power Supply SWING 6 and 12 are powered by an external 9 VDC power supply. The power input may be connected to either the 5.5 mm jack socket or to pins 4 and 5 of the DMX512/1990 connector.