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Alto AMX 140



The AMX mixers are the perfect solution for small and compact Studio and Live sound applications. Particular care has been put in the colour scheme of the top panel. Each group of functions is identified with a different colour for easy operation even with poor light conditions. And in the smaller models the Master Volume is a large, rotative jog style knob that it is immediately identified. Despite their dimensions the AMX mixers include some features that are not always available on products of this class such as an extra MIC channel with one of the stereo input (on selected models), a volume control for the Tape input, a gain control for the stereo return (so that it can be sed as additional input channel) and full EQ on MIC and
stereo channels. Most AMX mixers are also available with built-in DSP unit with 256 different programs and with USB interface. Our USB solution is quite innovative since you can assign to the USB socket either CH 1-2 or te Main MIX and then return into the mixer the stereo signal into the Main Mix or on CH 15-16 (in case of AMX-220) for further over-dubbing.



  • 4 mono inputs with gold plated XLR and balanced TRS jackfx_489
  • TRIM and +48V Phantom Power for mono / mic inputs
  • 2 stereo inputs with balanced TRS jack, input 5 has a mic input too
  • Peak LED in each channel
  • 3 – band EQ
  • 2 AUX sends: AUX 1 with PRE – / POST – FADER switch for monitoring – AUX 2 POST – FADER for effects sends can be changed in PRE – FADER for monitoring
  • 2 Stereo AUX return with level and routing to AUX 1
  • 2 – track IN / OUT with discrete switches for routing to Control Room and to Main Mix
  • Discrete output level for Phones / Control Room
  • Balanced XLR & TRS jack output
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 270 x 310 x 35 / 45mm (10.6″ x 12.2″ x 1.4/1.8″)
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lb)